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MizhouHui, M.D. -Ph.D.,discovered a proprietary manufacturing process to generate powerful, anti-inflammatory fragments of hyaluronic acid, otherwise known as active hyaluronic acid (Active-HA), with broad-ranging applications that include

²  Inflammatory pain management

²  Treatment of all inflammatory diseases types

²  Wound healing

²  Solid malignant tumor treatment and post-chemotherapy care

²  Anti-aging

²  Cosmetics



Active-HA injection hasalready demonstrated extensive effectiveness in treating multiple diseases through off-label human trials and has been suggested as a potential candidate for the Lasker Awards.

A miracle ratretaining extremely high levels of active hyaluronic acid (Active-HA)


²  Cell Press,"Why naked mole rats feel no pain." ScienceDaily, 11 October 2016 (

²  Xiao Tian et al., High-molecular-mass hyaluronan mediates the cancer resistance of the naked mole rat. Nature, 499:346349.

²  Hill DR, Rho HK, Kessler SP, Amin R, Homer CR, McDonald C, Cowman MK, Motte CA, Human milk hyaluronan enhances innate defense of the intestinal epithelium, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1013, 288(40):29090-104.


Current scientific methods are unable to fully elucidate the 3-D structures of hyaluronate (polysaccharide) fragments of various molecular weights. However, this does not suggest that these 3-D structures do not exist. 

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